Where the Action Is

by Supercasanova



After three CDs of sometimes wild, sometimes cool instrumental lounge/electronica, Eric and Bob step out with the vocal-driven mangled pop of "Where the Action Is." So far, just a few tracks are complete, but several more are nearly ready to upload. Keep an eye out for the next cuts from this album!


released December 1, 2011



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Supercasanova Los Angeles, California

The wonderful world of Supercasanova starts in the era of late-'60s orchestrated pop and brings it into today, with programmed beats, sonic manipulation, and other fun stuff. Come join us, but make sure to bring along your theremin, harpsichord, french horn, vibraphone, analog synth, transistor organ, pick bass, flugelhorn, smoking jacket, or just your voice. We'll be waiting! ... more

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Track Name: No Secret to My Eyes
You can play on the Riviera
You can fly off to Japan
You can go where the moment takes you
‘Cause you are that kind of man
You can hide from all the others, you can slip on a disguise
But your secrets are no secret to my eyes.

You can search among the files
For lost clues in microfiche
You can trace a missing person
With your lapdog in a leash
You can build a strange contraption, one that only you’d devise
Still, your secrets are no secret to my eyes.

“I saw the papers
Only I know where to look
I have the pictures
Pressed inside my own black book
There are no papers
They’ve been collected by a friend
There are no pictures
To show how you will meet your end.”

You can jet-ski through the harbor
You can sail on to Hong Kong
You can pen the next great novel
Turn to right a world gone wrong
You can claim you have resistance that your beating heart denies
But your secrets are no secret to my eyes.
Track Name: Where the Action Is
Wanna go where the action is
Dancing girls and swinging guys
Go -- go, go! -- where the scene is clean
I need a place to socialize

Hey, everybody
Come on, come on, c’mon
Hey, everybody
Ya gotta go if you want to get gone...